Mejuri’s New Large Jewelry Box

Mejuri’s new large jewelry box is finally here!!
I use to store my jewelry in little dishes and bowls on my vanity. At first it was fine but as my jewelry collection grew so did my little dish collection. It was starting to look cluttered and not so cute, not to mention it was not the most organized way to keep my jewelry and I was constantly searching for something.

I had looked around for a jewelry box but surprisingly it wasn’t as easy to find one as I had hoped. Mejuri came out with their travel size case which was great for travel but I needed something bigger for day to day. Then as if Mejuri was reading my mind they came out with a large one! YAY

The new jewelry box comes in both black and beige grain leather, with three anti-tarnish removable micro-suede trays all specially designed to fit all of your jewelry. You can also add a personal touch like I did and have it monogrammed with your initials. The box size is 21cm x 19cm x 9cm which is quite large, it fits all of my jewelry and I have lots of room left for my ever growing collection.

It looks great on my vanity, much nicer and WAY more organized than all the little dishes I had, though I did keep out a couple ; )
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