Interview with Dr Roebuck’s Kim & Zoe

I started using Dr Roebuck’s products about a year ago and it has easily become of one my favorite skincare lines. Their products just work well for my skin – I have normal to dry skin and sometimes very sensitive skin. Their products are 98% naturally and botanically derived which is great since I seem to be getting more and more into green beauty! My favorite products from them are Byron, it’s a 2-in-1 mask and scrub, Lifesaver toner and their No Worries hydrating face cream.

I was able to chat with Kim and Zoe the sisters behind Dr Roebuck’s. I did a little Q&A with them but before you read that, here’s a little background;

Their parents were both doctors and 40 years ago they created a one-of-a-kind formula by removing ingredients instead of adding them in and it worked!!
After learning, perfecting and testing their parents’ process for the last 30 years, they decided to create a range of clean skin care products to share with the world. In honor of their parents they named their line Dr Roebuck’s.

What were some of the challenges of starting your own business and skincare line?

Kim: Being able to find people to partner with who complement your skill sets —you can’t do everything alone. Being able to let go Hiring people that understand the market you are going into (we hired a US team to take our Aussie brand to the US)

Zoe: Becoming a global business so quickly means working across many different time zones every day and having a grueling travel schedule.

Why was it important to you both to have a natural beauty line?

Kim: We know that efficacy is important, but so is being clean and green—we wanted to marry the two. We want to bring clean beauty that works, with minimal ingredients and maximum results. Dr Roebuck’s is for the person on the go, who wants a maximized life, without compromise. In order to do this, you need to make sure you’re putting good things in and on your body. We wanted to make sure that when you use our products, you know you aren’t putting anything unnecessary on your skin. Our customers can be confident they are giving their body only what it needs.

Zoe: Your skin is the most absorbent organ in the body. I come from a pharmaceutical and clinical background, where I was working on administering medication with skin patches and seeing the efficacy of this. This drove our philosophy and vision that the correct clean ingredients can provide amazing results. It also made us realize how important it is that everything is clean, because it will end up in your blood stream.

Are all of your products made and sourced naturally?

Zoe: All of our products are 98% naturally and botanically derived. The only time we use a clean synthetic is when we want to use an ingredient that it is derived from an animal but can’t because we are PETA certified. One example is Carnosine, a powerful anti-aging ingredient that comes from animals (which we can’t use). We work with a clean and ethical lab to create an amazing ingredient with the same results.

What are 5 of your favorite products from your brand and why?

Kim: No Worries, Perky, Nuddy, Bondi, and Lifesaver. This is the perfect regimen that does over 25 good things for your skin.

Zoe: Surf Chaser – It has this amazing ingredient called Coenzyme Q10 that is very powerful. I also take it in a supplement form.

Daintree – This product has changed my skin and given it an amazing glow. Plus, it took a very long time to formulate and source all of the ingredients, so it is a labor of love for me.

No Worries – I can’t live without it! if I don’t have it for a few days, I notice and just cannot wait to use it again. It’s the best everyday moisturizer on the planet.

Byron – It’s a fabulous scrub and mask in one. When I’m busy, I’ll use it as a mask while I shower. I love the ecobeads, which have been sourced specifically to exfoliate at the perfect level and dissolve before going down the drain.

Top Stuff – I use this on my body every night before going to bed as I like a thick and rich moisturizer that hydrates and smells great.

Are all of your products cruelty-free? Yes

Are there any other fun facts you would like us to know?

Kim: Zoe is the product brain and I’m the business brain. We have green juice every morning and it wakes us up. Yoga and exercise keeps us sane!

Zoe: Kim and I live in different countries but still speak 20 times a day. Our children still get us mixed up when we are together, so we get the names Mum 1 and Mum 2.

Kim & Zoe


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    Just found your blog and already in love with it – especially the NYC guides that make me want to travel back just now! 🙂

    • Tara
      July 18, 2019 / 4:58 pm

      Hi Tina, That makes me so happy, thanks for reading! xx

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