Why I’m Loving To112

love trying out and learning about different hair and body care products. Let’s
be honest, if you already follow me on Instagram I’m sure you can see I’m a bit
of a beauty junkie, my washroom is overflowing with products but I can’t seem
to part with any!

recently been loving the TO112 hair and body care line which is made in Canada
and certified by the Leaping Bunny program as a cruelty-free line. Every To112
product is also free of SLS, DEA and Parabens.

of the liquid products in the hair and body care collections are based on
Tamanu Oil as the key functional ingredient to heal and nourish the hair and body.
They are made with consciously selected ingredients that are as natural as
possible while still having the desired result achieved in its use.

that all wasn’t reason enough to be into this line the reason why I’ve been
loving this line and wanted to share it with you is that TO112 products are
infused with love, that’s right LOVE!

liquid To112 products have been charged with the potent sound frequency of 528
hertz. Known as the Frequency of Love, (how amazing is that?!) this cherished
frequency encourages DNA repair and improves health as it brings balance and
love to the body with every personal cleansing ritual (shower). The products
are stored in this Singing Room for maximum potency. So you’re literally
bathing in love!

Pacheco, founder of To112, starts every day with a personal cleansing ritual as
a way to wash away negative energies and intentions to start the day with
positivity and love. This practice served as the inspiration for channeling the
Frequency of Love into all To112 liquid products, and help one prepare for what
is to come.

explains the 3-part ritual cleansing that inspired the design of To112

cleanse, condition and console in every ritual, even if these parts are blended
into fewer actions. These three intentions are the ritual. We cleanse to wash
away the negative, be it feelings or grime or product. Then we condition to
prepare the canvas, to begin with a fresh outlook and fresh surface and ready
it for what is to come. Finally we console with positive intention to set the
stage for our end goal in how we want to feel or look.”

beautiful is that?! Whatever your beliefs may be I say why not spread the love
and start each day on a positive note.

excited to share I have teamed up with TO112 to give away a Mindfully Complete Hair& Body Kit. To entre visit my instagram feed and check out the photo
featuring the TO112 products.

Good luck and thanks for reading,
also Happy Valentine’s Day, xo


  1. February 15, 2017 / 12:17 am

    I love the positive message behind TO112 products and so rare yet lovely that the ingredents included Tamanu Oil. Will be joining in on instagram! 🙂

    • April 6, 2017 / 6:03 pm

      Yes it's one great line, I also love the positive message behind the products as well. Thanks for reading. xo

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