Consonant Skincare – Recap

Consonant Skincare is an 100% all natural high performance skincare line and it’s also Canadian!  If you missed my IG story takeover with them last week, no worries! – Below are the products I use and l love from this line.
The DHE Mask – this mask has been formulated to Detoxify, Hydrate and Exfoliate. It leave my face feeling soft and looking bright.
HydrExtreme Serum is a cult-favourite that guarantees to hydrate, plump and restore the glow of your skin. It’s great when my skin is dry and flaky over the winter months. It also helps to sooth eczema, dermatitis and other skin irritation.
The Ultra Firming Organic Eye Cream plumps and hydrates the skin around your eyes. The winning ingredient in this cream is the Zinc Oxide which is a potent natural anti-inflammatory that also reflects light to reduce the appearance of under eye circles.
The Natural Foaming Face Wash – this face wash is gentle but can remove your makeup. It hydrates your skin and is pH balanced, so you don’t need to use a toner after but I still do, I love toners!
Even thought the face wash removes makeup I still love using their Come Clean 100% Natural Bamboo Cleansing Cloths. They’re also great for travelling.

Fun fact:

1. In agreement or in harmony.
When something is consonant, it is in harmony. Consonant products are formulated to be harmonious with your body’s natural chemistry. There are no irritants, synthetic chemicals or dyes in their products so it wont get in the way of your best skin!

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