Texas Part 2 – MARFA

Marfa, Texas
is a city literally in the middle of the desert in far West Texas. The only way
to get there is to drive and it’s a 6.5 hour drive from Austin. It’s a small city
with less than 2000 people!

You may have
heard of Marfa before thanks to Prada Marfa! I kind of think this art
installation put them on the map – yes, it’s an art installation not an
actually Prada store!

Prada Marfa
is a permanently installed sculpture by artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar
Dragset. Though called Prada Marfa, it’s actually located 30 mins (or 10 mins
if you’re speeding, Oops!) outside of Marfa in an even smaller town called
Valentine, Texas, with a population of 217 people! The installation was done on
October 1, 2005, the artists called the work a “Pop Architectural Land Art
Project”. The sculpture cost $80,000 and was intended to never be
repaired, so it would slowly disintegrate back into the natural desert
landscape. It looks like a free standing store in the middle of the desert with
purses and shoes inside from the 2005 Fall collection, you just can’t go in but
you can take photos outside of it and that’s what everyone does! Luckily when
we were there, there was literally no one in site just an occasional car
passing through, I felt like I was at the edge of the earth!

So besides
wanting to see Prada Marfa and it being amazing, it’s not the only reason why I
wanted to visit Marfa, it really is one awesome place!

Here are
some of the places we visited while we were there;

We stayed at
El Cosmico which is a super rad logging property in the desert where you can
stay in a luxury tent, which we did the first night. A tepee, a yurt, an
airstream or vintage trailer which we did the second night, as we almost froze
to death in the tent the night before! We did not pack warm enough clothes! Who
would have thought a desert could get so cold?! El Cosmico is also just a
10-minute walk from the main street where most of the shops, restaurants and
galleries are.

place that looked good was the Thunderbird hotel, only thing is if you’re not
staying there you can’t go in. 🙁 Boo So not sure what the inside was like.

Then there
was The Hotel Paisano, it’s a nice almost European looking hotel, I wouldn’t
say it’s as fun or eclectic as El Cosmico or The Thunderbird but it was nice.
We had drinks and a great dinner there one night.

There are
also some great AirBNB options in Marfa as well.

As for food,
it’s surprisingly not the easiest to come by in Marfa. We didn’t realize this
before we got there but it makes sense, since it’s so remote. BRING SNACKS!

So besides
eating at the Hotel Paisano which was great, we ate at Pizza Foundation a
couple of times. Honestly it was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! I wish
it was here in Toronto. You’re also able to buy alcohol to go there, which was
great as that was also hard to come by.

We also ate
dinner one night at The Capri which is across the street from the Thunderbird,
it was a beautiful modern looking restaurant with great food and drinks.

If you did
want to get some groceries while you’re there you could go to The Get Go, which
is a really cute little grocery store, where we got some snacks…finally!

If you’re
looking for shopping, well Marfa isn’t the place but they do have some cute
little shops. We loved Freda’s; the shop carries locally handmade crafts along
with some clothing, home goods, candles (which I bought, of course!) and
jewelry. We also loved Mirth, which was a really unique shop with some great
stationary and home goods.

Marfa is
also known for their many art galleries, here are some of the ones we visited.





We really
liked them all; they were all different and unique in their own way. Most of
them don’t take long to get through so if you do visit they’re worth checking

Some other
tips if you do decide to visit Marfa beside, packing warmer clothes if you
don’t visit in the summer and bringing your own snacks and alcohol. 2-3 nights
is a good amount of time to visit and make sure you go between Thursday and
Sunday, the town kind of shuts down late Sunday to early Thursday and many
places aren’t open.

I loved
Marfa and would for sure go back! I think it’s definitely worth the drive. It’s
for sure one of the more interesting and unique places I’ve ever visited and I
highly recommend it. Thanks for reading and stay tuned next week for Texas Part
3, Austin!

Check out
more pics below : )

More of El Cosmico and inside our trailer…


  1. April 25, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    Uhmmm this is the coolest thing EVER!!! So I would imagine most of time this place is pretty deserted? Aside from the six hour drive from Austin is there a faster way to get there? What's the closest airport? Train? I would loooovee to visit. Xx

    Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

    • June 3, 2016 / 6:43 pm

      Hey Nikki,
      Thanks so much, it was one amazing place! The closest airport would be the Austin–Bergstrom International Airport, sadly there is no other way to get there other than driving. It's so worth it though! xx

    • April 6, 2017 / 6:05 pm

      It was one amazing trip! I would for sure go back! Thanks for reading, xo

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