Halloween Décor

The holiday we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe
just me) is finally here – Halloween! There are so many things I LOVE about Halloween:
scary movies (even though I get really scared), the changing of the season (who doesn’t love all the fall colours and being able to wear your favourite knits),
and dressing up as whatever you want to be, I think there is still a kid inside
all of us! Plus, decorating for Halloween has always been one of my favourite things to do! 

Even though I admire people who go all out
decorating their homes for Halloween, like 2Ladies & a Chair (their Instagram photos are amazing, follow them @2ladiesandachair), I tend to
do more minimal decorating around my condo by adding to the classic pieces I
already have! 

I get bored easily, so I find myself constantly
switching up the décor (art, candles, pillows, trays, vases, etc.) in my condo.
However, as some of you may already know I have a slight obsession with skulls,
so Halloween is just an excuse for me to have them all out on display!

Unlike past years, I have kept it a bit simpler this
Halloween. I started off by adding cobwebs to some of the frames on my gallery
wall, lamp and skulls. I also purchased small white pumpkins from my local
grocery store and placed them amongst the rest of my décor. 

I finished it off by changing out my regular
vases with the glass skulls I’ve been collecting over the years from Crystal Head Vodka 

By tying these subtle elements in with my skulls,
candles and flowers it makes my condo feel a little more like Halloween but
still look chic rather than overdone! 

If you LOVE skulls like me, check out these
items below. They will look good all year round and will give your décor an
edgier, rock-n-roll glam kind of feel when you mix them with more feminine

Skull Print

Skull Candle Set

Metallic Glaze Skull Sculpture

Skull Candle Holder

Skull Dish

Skull Candles 

If anyone collects vintage toys like I do, you’ll appreciate this cute little Kewpie doll! I found this little witch hat at Michael’s and it fit her perfectly! I just need to make her a little cape now! 🙂

I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween – thank
you for reading!

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