My sister Erin and
I recently visited Colorado. We went down to work a wedding together; she is a
photographer and as I’m sure you probably already know, I am a makeup artist
and stylist.  

We have been lucky
enough to work together over the years but this was our first out of country
business trip together and it was a blast!  The wedding took place in
Keystone, Colorado, a ski resort town home to the famed Keystone

Once the wedding
was over we had a few free days before heading back to Toronto. We did a day
trip out to Colorado Springs then spent 2 days in Denver.

Here are my favourite things we saw and did!

The Rocky
Mountains!!!  They are just as incredible in person as you can imagine.

We went to
the Garden of the Gods and it was breathtaking! I had never seen anything
like it before – red rocks bursting up along the natural fault line that lies
below.  This National Natural Landmark has been preserved and protected
over the years as it was a gift from the landowner – William Jackson Perkins –
to the city of Colorado Springs with the caveat that it remain a public, free
park for the rest of time.

Denver, which just
happens to be rated one of the “5 American Cities You Should Visit In 2015” by
the Huffington Post and
as they said “Denver, Colorado is just plain awesome!” I agree!  From the
Art Museum to the National Park, there’s so much to do in this cool, eclectic

We stayed at the HotelMonaco Denver which is a Kimpton property; Kimpton’s are one of
my favourite hotel chains! Service, location and a complimentary wine hour, I’m in!

I finally got to
visit a Jonathan Adler store!!! There was one in Denver and that made me so
happy. I had only ever shopped on-line and if any of you follow me on Instagram you know I love home décor and interior design! (my hashtag #TLHOME

My last favourite thing was going on this amazing adventure with my sister! We always have so
much fun together and never stop laughing.

Colorado was such a fun trip!
I hope Erin and I get to do more business adventures together over the years.

any of you been to Colorado before or planning a trip in the U.S. soon?

Let me know in a comment

Thanks for reading! More photos below! 🙂

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