Farmers’ Markets

I love checking out local farmers’ markets, they’re a great way to spend a weekend morning or weekday afternoon either alone or with friends.

There is always great food shopping to be had and even though I do not consider myself to be a “foodie” I always find it interesting talking to the different vendors and learning about what they are selling, they usually have great tips and suggestions on how to prepare the food, which is great for me because I’m not very good in the kitchen!





(all the photos in this post where taken by me at local farmers’ markets)

good thing about farmers’ markets is there’s usually always great deals on
fresh produce and flowers and if any of you follow me on Instagram you know how
much I love my flowers 🙂 Also I love being able to shop local and support
local farmers and vendors.

is a list of some of my favorite farmers’ markets I like to go to in the
Toronto area, if you are not in the Toronto area just google local farmers’
markets in your area.

Brick Works Farmers’ Market

St. Lawrence Market

Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market

The Junction Farmers’ Market

The Leslieville Farmers’ Market

Metro Hall Farmers’ Market

you have any questions please leave a comment and thank you for stopping by.

hope you all have a nice weekend and if you’re Canadian I hope you have a
lovely and happy Thanksgiving.


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