Key West

I recently visited
Key West Florida, the southernmost city in the USA. So southern that it’s
actually very close to Cuba and only a 4 hour drive from Miami.  To get there by car you take the most scenic
drive on the Overseas Highway that carries U.S. Route 1 through the Florida Keys
and it’s worth every minute.

Key West has great
weather all year round so it is a nice spot to visit that is not too far away.
It does get very hot and humid in the summer though so if you’re like me and
can’t handle the heat its maybe best to go in the fall or winter when it is not
so hot!

Even though you’re
in Florida, I felt like I was more in the Caribbean the people there are very
friendly and laidback and not only love their city but want to show you around
and tell you all about the history – which I just love!

When I was there I
visited Ernest Hemingway’s house, it was so beautiful along with all of the
other homes there. They all have a very southern Americana look to them and I
love old Americana style homes. What’s more romantic than a wraparound porch?!

Key West also has
some amazing restaurants and if you like seafood you’re in the right place. We
went to Martin’s on Duval and if you like surf and turf as much as me I highly
recommend it.

Latitudes is also
beautiful and right on the beach and if you want more of a fun experience and
fun cocktail but maybe not the best food (sorry) go to Jimmy Buffett’s,
Margaritaville I think it’s a must if you’re in Key West!

Another popular
touristy thing to do in Key West is to go on one of their famous ghost tours. Being that it’s one of the oldest cities and one
of the most haunted city in the US the inspiration behind the horror movie
Chucky- google it, it freaks me out! I was told it’s kind of a must.

Though I thought I
could handle this tour but after meeting at talking with one of the tour guides
I was OUT! I’m sure it would have been interesting but I just wasn’t up to being freaked out at that moment. I am however going to New Orleans soon and
New Orleans is also listed as one of the most haunted cities in the US so maybe
I’ll check one of their tours out. That’s if I don’t chicken out again….. I’ll
keep you all posted!

All in all I think
Key West is a great place to visit with a lot of culture and entertainment, I
would highly recommend going there the next time you’re thinking of going to

Let me know if you
have been to Key West and what you thought!

Thanks for reading! More pics below 🙂

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