My Gallery Wall (Updated)

 As many
of you know I love gallery walls, I think they are a fun way to show your
personality in your home. Whether you have photos of your family and friends, places
you have traveled, pieces of art or prints you have collected over the years or
a mixture of all of the above, I always think they are interesting to look at.

I have been working on / growing my gallery wall
for some time now, it just did not happen overnight.  In my old condo I had a small gallery wall with
all black and white photos in black frames, when I moved into my new condo,
where I live now I knew I wanted to do a bigger gallery wall. I had ideas of
doing black and white frames and pops of color now fast forward and year and a
half later and my gallery wall has taken over 2 walls with black, white, silver
and gold frames and a good amount of color!  I surprisingly don’t love too much color even though
there is a lot in my place right now, if not balanced with enough
black and white I find it overwhelming. 

I love my gallery wall and all of the pieces
of art and prints I have collected over the years or last little while. They
all mean something to me or at least I really like them and I have chosen them
carefully. One tip I will give when decorating, it is natural to want to just
get everything done and have it all ready but there is no point rushing any of
it. Take your time, find and pick up pieces here and there that either mean
something to you or that you really like. 

Also when it comes to designing your own gallery
wall I really do not think there are any rules, it has to mean something to you
or at least have art/pictures you really like. I say just go for it and start
hanging and every so often take a step back and see how it is coming along.  Ask a friend to help you, a second set of eyes
is always good.  Even though I am
normally a perfectionist I find it too hard to be one with a gallery wall,
especially large ones and ones you are adding to.  There is always going to be a frame or 2 (or
10!) that is crooked or off centered so try not to fuss too much about it! I
think it adds character but if you do really want to make it perfect click here
for some tips.

Hope this helps & Happy Gallery Wall-ing, if
you have any questions please let me know in a comment.


  1. May 13, 2014 / 10:33 pm

    I love your gallery! I too am a perfectionist, and starting a gallery in my living room has helped me break out of that need for symmetry a matchy matchy. Love your style!

    • May 27, 2014 / 9:02 pm

      Thank you so much! I agrree as much as symmetry and matching is great it's good to mix it up!

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